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Helena Latest CD – 21 plus

“21 plus (2017) celebrates more than two decades in the demanding yet magical music industry and a lifetime in song. I am proudly South African and a child of Africa with the sun in my soul and yet always a performer with my roots in Europe and I believe the front cover reflects this duality.This, my fourteenth CD also focuses on the songwriter in me with ten of my own songs. Older songs with new overcoats feature the soulful and sometimes funky arrangements by David Jooste ( he also worked on Divided Heart and Rooiwynliefde) such as Skadudans, Papermen, “Jasmine Lament” and “Song for him”, written in the late 80s and vibrant 90s. “Jasmine Lament”, for example was written out of longing in the golden streets of ancient Bologna, northern Italy.

“I travelled a road, I heard my...

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